University watch Ireland: Church lays down the law (admittedly in 1950, but still worth a look)

Wandering the byways of cyberspace, I came across these Lenten instructions issued to the faithful in 1950 by the Catholic church in Ireland. Enjoy.

(7) No Catholic may enter the Protestant University of Trinity College, without having previously submitted his case to the Ordinary of the Diocese, whose right it is to decide whether attendance may be tolerated.
Any Catholic who deliberately disobeys this law

is guilty of mortal sin and is unworthy to receive the Sacraments.
(9) The National University of Ireland, with its three Constituent Colleges, is, by its Charter, a neutral educational establishment. For that reason, it must still be regarded by Catholics as

failing to give due acknowledgment to the One, True Faith.
In view of the measures taken by the Ecclesiastical Authorities to protect Faith and Morals, University College, Dublin, in our Diocese, may be considered to be

sufficiently safe for Catholic Students.

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