BelfastAs a variety of futurists are credited with saying, all our knowledge is about the past, but all our decisions are about the future. Martin Ince can help you with this conundrum.

He works extensively with the UK and international futures community, as a thinker, analyst, facilitator, writer and editor.

Because the future has not happened yet, none of this work involves predicting it. Instead, it improves your organisation’s thinking about itself by looking at the pressures on it today, the opportunities that could be coming along, and how they will change over time. And it produces answers that link back directly to strategy, structure and implementation.

Martin and colleagues are keen to help you add futures thinking to your business strategy and planning. To find out more, email us using the form on this site’s Contact page. The future cannot be predicted because it has not happened yet, but there are creative ways to make sure you are ready for it.